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City Tour


Program description:

We will start the tour by going to the most popular Market in the City, where we will observe the dynamic commercial activity with the different products coming from the villages of the interior of the jungle, and we will know the famous Passage "Paquito"; known as the natural pharmacy of the Amazon where we will find a variety of medicinal plants and special preparations used ancestrally by the Amazonian people, then we will continue to the lower area of Bethlehem until we reach the Itaya River, where we will enjoy a canoe ride observing the floating neighborhood of Bethlehem (Venice Neighborhood) and the way of life of the people on the river.

Then we will go to visit the Rescate de Manatíes center, an ideal place for children who will learn to value the spirit of conservation. The manatee is one of the most curious and fun aquatic mammals due to its appearance (Amazonian wolf).

Continuing with the tour we will visit the Quisto Cocha Zoo, summarize our flora and fauna. Also the famous river dolphin Huayrurin and the naughty monkeys on an artificial island; also enjoy a refreshing swim and sun on our lake and white sand beach known as Tunchi beach, enjoy the water games. Return to the hotel.


  • Mobility.
  • Guide.
  • 1 personal water bottle.
  • Cost of tickets.

Daily departures.

Full Day - Amazon River

Program description:

Start: 9:30 am,
Return: 5:30 pm in Iquitos

Transfer to the fluvial pier and navigation through the largest river in the world, the Amazon, on board comfortable and safe typical boats.

The boat trip will allow you to appreciate a wonderful panorama in which the magnificence of the river makes its way through the exuberance of the jungle where the picturesque riverside villages also appear.

During the navigation we will make a stop at the mouth of the Nanay River, to look for freshwater dolphins (pink and gray).

Next, the navigation continues until you reach the natural rustic lodge, built in the native style with materials from the area. Where LUNCH will take place, we continue with our Tour where we visit a native community, "Los YAGUA" , one of the oldest ethnic groups of the Amazon. Here you will have the opportunity to know their ancestral custom (their art, folklore, clothing, language), and learn the use of the Pucuna or blowgun (wind weapon), which they use for hunting.
Return to the lodge, lunch.

Then, we sail through the Amazon until we reach the town Barrio Florido, a small riverside community located on the banks of the Amazon River, dedicated to fishing and agriculture, from this point a short walk of 5 minutes to get to the Pedrito farm, where we will appreciate CAIMANES, the aquatic plants VICTORIAS REGIAS and the largest freshwater fish, the PAICHE; and then navigate to an animal sanctuary, where we will meet the famous Anaconda, the lazy bear, species of monkeys, birds, etc.
After enjoying a nice day sailing through the Amazon River, we will begin the return to the city of Iquitos.
Arrival to the city and transfer to the hotel.

It includes:

  • Bilingual guide specialized in jungle (English-Spanish).
  • Water to drink.
  • Lunch.
  • Excursions according to the mentioned program.
  • Transfers in / out - Hostel.

3 Rivers Tour - Nanay - Momon - Amazon

Program description:

We will start with a brief history of the city of Iquitos in the Plaza de Armas and then move to the port of Bellavista where we will embark a river boat to navigate the Nanay, Momón and the majestic Amazon River rivers. First we will visit the Native Community of the Boras, we will know their typical clothes, dialect, way of life. Demonstration with the blowgun or pucuna the way to hunt. Participation of the dances with the tourists,

Continuing the adventure we will visit the "Pillpintuwasi" breeding zoo to enjoy the gardens where the butterflies reproduce. The feeding of the butterflies is very special; each species feeds on a type of plant, and only live for two to four weeks. Etymologically, "pilpintuwasi" comes from Quechua which means "house of butterflies.

Back we can not stop marveling at the meeting of two majestic rivers the Nanay with the monarch the "Amazon" and with good luck we will observe the river dolphins. To end the tours we will visit an animal sanctuary where you will be able to observe completely different animals, toucans, macaws, the prehistoric turtle called mata-mata, sloth bears and the famous boa constrictor or anaconda. Back to the hotel.


  • Land and river mobility.
  • Guide.
  • 1 personal water bottle.
  • Cost of tickets.

Daily departures

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