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The Ayahuasca or Yagé, (Banisteriopsi caapi), medicinal plant with purgative effect (laxative). It has the property of eliminating the impurities of the organism, in the psychic part, it releases the emotional tensions relaxing the mind and making the patient a person full of good vibes.

As well as physical and mental health. Ayahuasca, means rope of death in the Quecha language. It is a potion that results from the cooking of three plants, one the ayahuasca, the chacruna, small shrub (Psychotria viridis), and the Huayusa. The mixture in cooking give result to the liquid (extract that will be consumed in the ritual), the union of these give the strength sought to the potion. It is administered orally and the dose can vary according to the criteria of the shaman previous meeting between him and the patient.


It is performed at night in the dark with a duration of more or less 4 hours, patients or policyholders sit around the shaman (doctor of the jungle). To start, Icarus performs whistling and singing in tongues and puffs of smoke from Siricarpi or mapacho (regional cigar), or using the Cashimbo (wooden pipe with nozzle), also using the Shacapa or maraca, giving the Icarus a melodic accompaniment to the evening session, this is done with the purpose of attracting the spirits of the plants to help and give the necessary effect that is required in the shot,

After the icarado continue the prayers asking for protection to Mother Nature and all powerful god, not to be harmed by evil spirits, to then start taking the dose to each patient and ingest it, they can smoke the mapacho to help the dizziness.

The ritual of purging the Ayahuasca, is cleaning and purification. After being ingested the Ayahuasca the Shaman will sing and whistle calling for the dizzy so that in 20 minutes more or less begin to feel the effects of dizziness, see visions (hallucinogen), vomiting of cleanliness, the shaman is the one that controls with icaros that they tend to seek the effect of modifying consciousness, guiding and controlling the states that occur.


Physical, Cold-Dizziness, perception of colors, images, fullness, vomiting and in some cases diarrhea all this helps to cleanse the body. Psychic, Cross perception, come memories, need reconciliation with yourself and with others. Personal visions, of others and animals of the jungle. Spirituality, Session of cosmic communion, feeling of respect for life and the sacred. It is recommended 1 or 2 times any day.